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Writing content for marketing, promotional, and community posts that aims to increase brand and product awareness as well as instill a connection with our userbase.

Organizational Skills

Above-average organizational skills that help to stay ahead. Managing multiple tasks at once, from scheduling posts to responding to community members, handling reporting to keeping media files in order. As well as tasks like project management and customer care on social media and community channels.

Digital Graphic Design

Designing visual content for external facing marketing. Increasing familiarity with image editing and design software in the context of content creation for media and marketing. As well as base skills in video editing such as clipping content, transitions between frames, simple overlays, and adding audio or music.

Community Interaction

Good understanding and patience when interacting with internet community members, and the ability to deal with a wide variety of different personalities and identities. Having this skill allows empathy and being able to see the brand through the eyes of the users, in order to create content that resonates with our members.

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