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Operations Manager

Elements Divided


Community Manager




My goal was to have a respectful fun community for everyone to discuss games, life, and more. Several users have expressed that it is the most respectful gaming community they've been in. They feel safe to be who they are without fear of retribution from other users. Every day I am further impressed by the community I've worked to create. Even during political discussions in our #world-issues channel, our users continue to remain civil even in face of what would normally be heated controversial topics.



One of our favorite additions from the community was Bob and his cousin Grass. These simple spheres were user suggested creations made originally as a joke, but have become beloved "characters" in the game, even inspiring lore and special achievements for finding them in the game map and reuniting them together.


I have learned a lot more about both promotional opportunities and social media marketing. With the Superfly project we didn't have a chance to work on marketing from the very beginning. But in our new project Elements Divided we are putting further effort into marketing more of the behind the scenes of the development, such as weekly posts on each social media network. 



A recent event I ran was the custom user channel challenge. I always keep my eye out for new experiences our users could participate in, so when one of our popular users jokingly suggested he should get his own channel, I put him up to a challenge. Stay active in the server (1 msg / week minimum) for 6 months, and he'd get his own separate channel. It was an instant hit, and our other users would encourage him to stay active by posting the channel hashtag. He recently completed the challenge, and the users have been having a blast in the new channel.

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